The spirit of Inoue Takehiko 井上雄彦先生監修フィギュア公式ページ


  • スラムダンク ゴリ(赤木剛憲)
  • スラムダンク 流川楓


  • スラムダンク 宮城リョータ


  • スラムダンク 桜木花道



  • スラムダンク 桜木花道 白ユニフォームVer.
  • スラムダンク 宮城リョータ 白ユニフォームVer.
  • スラムダンク 流川楓 白ユニフォームVer.



  • バガボンド 宮本武蔵
  • 最新ニュース
オンラインショップ 外部リンク
バガボンド 宮本武蔵フィギュア
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Packaging design is original and the art was selected
from the collections of works created by Mr. Inoue.
For the paper of this package, we adopted matte taste
but still it remains some glaze on surface.
Musashi figure going NY!

Exhibition and sale of figure of Musashi has started
at Kinokuniya New York central branch.

New York Main Store:
1073 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10018, U.S.A.

 Realistic modeling of 『VAGABOND』Musashi drawn by Mr. Takehiko Inoue
 3D visualization of frantic Musashi at the scene in consecutive fights.
 Sword made with die-cast. Sticking to real atmosphere of the sword.

Challenging work taken 1 year and several months from prototype to FP
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The spirit collection of Inoue Takehiko Vol.1
Release date: Oct.,2009
Sales price: JPY 25,800(consumer tax is not included)

  • Figure colored by poly-resin
  • Content of goods: Figure 1, pedestal 1, beating sword 1, scabbard 1, knife 1, bag 1, parts for fixing, instruction manual
  • Size of package:approx. H387・W225・D195 mm
  • Age group:Over 15 yrs
Accepting the reservation for limited time special version with serial number!

※The actual product may differ slightly from the pictures shown.
【manufacture and sales 】TK holdings Co., Ltd. Koamagata Plaza bldg. 3F, 1-3-16 komagata, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan zip 111-0043

From Dream to Dream
On the evening of Jun. 20th , 2008, Private View「Final Manga Exhibition by Takehiko Inoue」 in the Ueno Royal Museum.
Everything started at that evening.
"I want to build the figure of Musashi, if not complete, I couldn't be happier if manga artist Inoue catches a glimpse of the figure and give me a comment"
This project, which seems to be just a dream, started at that day by the passionate word of prototype designer Suzuki.
Anyway, we will do anything we can do for the great figure of Musashi and for manga artist Inoue's full satisfaction.
Our success of this project will come after our effort. This was our password to this project.

And then, more than a year have passed since that evening.
At last, 「our dream」 with a lot of soul actually comes true.

Prototype Designer Tsuyoshi Suzuki Miraculous Commercial Realization 
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